Michael Booker

Client Solutions Manager, Medium-sized Enterprises

Michael Booker is Client Solutions Manager with Stage-Gate International, advising business leaders of medium-sized and entrepreneurial companies on all matters related to product innovation. Having worked with hundreds of companies, Michael understands the typical challenges faced by growing organizations when introducing structured innovation programs to accelerate and manage growth. His clients depend on him for sound guidance, creative ideas, and recommendations on relevant product and service solutions to address their goals, timing, and budget. Michael helps his clients determine their best course of action at every stage in their journey whether diagnosing root problems, implementing innovation management processes, or training their organization to accelerate their innovation capabilities.

Michael brings 15+ years of field experience consulting and advising leaders to develop and implement effective solutions. Prior to joining Stage-Gate International, Michael was manager of Client Solutions with Carpedia Management Consulting and specialized in advising, assessing, and designing corporate business processes for clients of all sizes across a variety of industries.

Michael holds a Master of Business Administration and a Masters in History from Wilfred Laurier University, and is certified by the Product Development and Management Association as a New Product Development Professional (NPDP).